Do Fat People Get Massages?

Before I get to today’s subject, I guess I should share my weigh-in stats from yesterday’s doctor’s visit: UP 6.6 POUNDS. IN 3 FREAKIN’ WEEKS. I’m truly hoping 1/2 of that is water retention…freakin’ french fries…. Otherwise, Baby C is doing fine. I’m measuring normally, blood pressure was EXCELLENT, so all is well besides the • Read More »

A Bunch of Animals

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend / holiday – I sure did! We had a great time with the kids and family. It was so nice to take it easy, even to take a break from blogging felt good. But I’m back now, refreshed and recharged. On Friday we spent a • Read More »

Butter Me Up! Giveaway Winner

Happy Friday, guys!!! Are you ready for the weekend? A HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for me in the “Leading Moms in Business” contest. Voting continues through September, so any additional clicks would be awesome. I know I promised a baby bump picture for you all – I will have one soon, I promise. • Read More »

Time Warp

Whoa – where did last week go?? I’m sorry I haven’t been around! Last week was a blur. Between sick kids (again), seeing the tax man, and AUNT FLOW coming back into my life (Yay.), I was discombobulated and just trying to get through the week. Although I have to say that seeing this handsome • Read More »

10K A Day (In May)! Get Your Steps On!

It’s official! I received a lot of positive feedback so I’m going to call it right here: Introducing the “10K A Day (In May)!” Walking Challenge! What is it? Inspired by the recommendation to get 10,000 steps into each day, I’m hosting a little competition to help us all move a bit more. Every day • Read More »

Recipe: Fast and Easy Cornmeal Crusted Tilapia

It’s sort of a stretch to call this a recipe, since its so freakin’ simple. As someone who doesn’t care for fish very much, I can attest that this is delicious! If you’re going to fry something, fish is the way to go, since it’s low calories and fat make it easy to keep your • Read More »

Week 8 Weigh In: A Wee Bit Less

Last week’s weight: 220.5 This week’s weight: 219.6 This week’s loss / gain: -0.9 Total weight loss on Weight Watchers:  8.4 pounds Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I lost a wee bit this week, which is better than a gain, eh? We’ll be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day today with a wee bit of Irish Soda Bread • Read More »

The Biggest Loser Pound For Pound Challenge Giveaway!

Happy Hump Day, y’all! I’m happy to bring to you a fun giveaway courtesy of General Mills and the Biggest Loser! For those of you not familiar with the show, they also sponsor a program called The Pound For Pound Challenge (PFPC). The PFPC encourages you to sign up and log your pounds lost – • Read More »

Not Yo Mama’s Shamrock Shake!

Just a quick Saturday post! No, I’m not done with the business taxes, but I just couldn’t stay away from the blog! This is a picture of my two little girls. Drinking spinach smoothies! These two little girls are VERY picky little eaters. As in, “we only eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, shoe string • Read More »

Week 7 Weigh In: Its Aaa-iiight

(Sorry the blog be quiet this week. I’m procrastinating crying screaming attempting to do my business taxes. I hate it. And I’m not getting very far yet. I’m keeping myself from blogging as a punishment reward for finishing the taxes – once I finish I’ll get to blog again!) Last week’s weight: 219.7 This week’s • Read More »